Creating our new Asset Management directorate

Creating our new Asset Management directorate
Snowsfields, London, where the team recently renovated the courtyard

Director of Asset Management, Ian Joynson, tells us about the exciting changes ahead for this vital team.

"In many housing associations, I think asset management can be below the radar; only talked about when things don't go quite right. That's always surprised me given the size and strength of the sector’s asset base, and the impact that these assets have on our customers and our finances.

"One of the things that attracted me to Guinness is that it has taken a really positive and bold step by creating a directorate – represented at executive level – that focusses on asset management. Guinness clearly recognises the benefits of effective asset management. The combination of this intent, and the resources we have as a large organisation, mean there is absolutely no reason why we can't make Guinness one of the leaders in the sector in asset management. I don't want us to have any limitations in terms of our ambitions."

The structure of the new team

In November 2014, our new executive structure went live and saw the creation of the first single, national Asset Management Directorate at Guinness. Initially comprised of three regional teams, we are now establishing a central team and new staff structure through a process of integration, driving consistencies and simplifying the way we work.

The new structure includes the following teams:

  • Asset Strategy and Analysis Team

We want to make the most of our property assets financially, but also so they are fit for customer and operational requirements. This is the responsibility of our Asset Strategy and Analysis Team.

This year Guinness celebrates its 125th anniversary and this history has brought us a diverse and exciting portfolio of homes and other assets, representing both the challenges and opportunities of property management in different parts of the country. We also have a significant and diverse portfolio of non-residential property, which this team manages, maximising the returns we make and managing any associated risks. They are responsible for developing our asset intelligence and stock condition data. All of these activities help us to invest in new and existing affordable homes.

  • Asset Compliance and Servicing Team

Above all else, we know that our properties must provide a safe and secure home for our customers. This is the primary focus of this team, who ensure that regulatory and internal requirements are adhered to. They lead effective contract management with external and internal partners, delivering value for money and high standards of customer service.

The new structure creates experts who drive consistency and efficiency nationally, while at the same time providing appropriate challenge to ensure we take a proportionate approach to managing risk. 

  • Planned Programme Delivery Team

This team are responsible for delivering around £40 million of reinvestment programmes in our properties each year. They ensure we achieve the Decent Homes Standard for property condition, and that we deliver Guinness priorities, including improving the energy efficiency of our homes.

A key priority for them is the effective procurement and management of contractors. The team is responsible for improving customer satisfaction and value for money, whilst ensuring robust financial control. Working closely with our Customer Services Team, they direct resources to the areas which will benefit customers most.

  • Sustainability Team

Our Sustainability Team drive forward a range of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment and achieve our sustainability objectives. A key focus is on maximising the energy efficiency of our homes, helping customers to heat their homes affordably. The team are also responsible for providing specialist advice to the business and implementing sustainability improvements to our offices and ways of working.

These four teams are supported by cross-cutting resources focused on improving assurance and data and helping to drive business improvement initiatives.

Could you be the next to join this growing team?

We are proud of our current team and many staff have successfully obtained roles within the new structure. However, we also have vacancies for external candidates to help us on our exciting new path.

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