A new career in the pipeline

A new career in the pipeline
Mai working on the refurb at Matthias Court

To celebrate Adult Learners' Week, we wanted to share a story about a new member of our team – and Guinness resident – who is retraining to become a plumber.

A varied career

Mai Pierre moved from France to the UK nine years ago and is now living in Clayton, Greater Manchester. The 37-year-old mother-of-one has had a varied career; she aspired to become a basketball coach before training as a fire safety office in France, and then worked as a housekeeper and traffic warden in the UK.

Mai was looking for a career where she could – in her words – “use her hands and brain”, so she attended a plumbing course.

The importance of work experience

In order to become a fully qualified plumber, Mai had to gain vital work experience in a construction environment.

She attended a Guinness job club run by social enterprise Upturn, who arranged for Mai to complete her apprenticeship with City Response, Guinness’s in-house maintenance contractor.   Mai can now be found working on the fifteenth floor of Salford apartment block Matthias Court, which is being refurbished for Guinness by City Response.

She has settled in quickly to working on-site and is currently learning how to install pipes on the project, in between completing her college studies and looking after her son.

"I am curious about my job," she says. "I always want to know and learn more. My aspirations are to become the best qualified plumber and gas engineer, and to have a great career."

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